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What do mirror reflections do once they have no one to repeat after anymore?

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Still Joking: A Mirror Reflections Story


About the game

We love story-heavy games where your choice of words and actions really does matter.
We also love 2D art, cinema, and unusual worlds.
That’s why we’re making a game combining all of the above, including:

  • Extensive text content and an incredibly variable storyline starring a sharp-tongued brunette

  • Tons of gorgeous art with characters constantly interacting with each other and their environment, their reactions and emotions almost palpable

  • Motion-picture-style camera that switches from closeups to long shots and anything in between

  • Many little pleasantries for your geeky side


The Story

Reflections always do the exact same thing we do. They are forced to repeat all the morning routines, all the self-affirmations and funny faces, and sometimes even the death of their prototype.
So what happens after?
How do they deal with it?

Play as Iris, quite a sarcastic reflection, to find out.
One could have been sweet and naive, but surely that’s not fun enough?
Iris also knows what it’s like to die in front of the mirror; she saw the killer’s face, and now she is not so sure how to move on.
And this is when the journey starts...





About Us


We are a small international team with almost a joke of a background: a lawyer, a teacher, a translator, a chemist, an economist, a journalist, a musician, a college dropout, and (you’re gonna love this!) a game designer. ;-)

Get in Touch

Purple Brick Dev LTD
Georgiou A, 13, STALA COURT,
Office 3, 4040, Germasogeia, Cyprus

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